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Call us to inspect your roof and we will give you an expert & honest opinion of its condition

At Wilmington Roof Pros, we know it's important to check your home's roof regularly and fix any problems. We want homeowners in Southwest Ohio to use our complete roof inspection services. Our team is made up of experienced experts who are committed to giving detailed inspections to make sure your roof is in great shape. If you're thinking about buying a new house or if suspect your roof may be leaking, Wilmington Roof Pros is here to help.

Our roof inspection process covers many important steps to give you a full understanding of your roof's health.

During an inspection, our smart team members will look at different parts of your roof, including:

Roofing materials: We'll check the condition of your roofing materials, like shingles, metal, or other types. We look for signs of wear like curling, cracking, or missing pieces.

Flashing: Our experts will inspect the flashing around chimneys, vents, and other roof openings. We make sure it's sealed well and is keeping water out.

Gutters and downspouts: We'll ensure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris. We will also make sure they are working well to move water away from your home's foundation.

Ventilation: We'll look at your roof's ventilation system to make sure it's working effectively. This is very important for keeping your roof in good shape and making it last longer.

Structural integrity: Our team will check for signs of sagging or other structural problems. This could affect your roof's stability and performance.

Interior damage: We'll also look inside your home for signs of water damage or leaks that could show problems with your roof.

After we finish the inspection, you will get a detailed report. We're proud of our no-pressure approach, helping you understand the process and make the best decision. We offer detailed estimates and make sure you are fully informed.

The good news is that most roof inspections only suggest minor repairs or find no issues at all. You can relax knowing your roof is doing its job, protecting your home and family from the weather. Sometimes we find problems that need attention. If so we'll work with you to make a plan that fits your budget and fixes the issue effectively.

At Wilmington Roof Pros, our main goal is to help you keep your home safe and strong. With our expert roof inspections, you can trust that your home is in good hands. So, if you live in Southwest Ohio and need a dependable roof inspection, don't hesitate to call us at (937) 909-0384. Let Wilmington Roof Pros be your trusted helper in keeping your home safe and sound for years to come.

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